Daioku M&E Joint Venture Co., Ltd would like to inform you that:

One our partners from Japan is opening the position of mechanical engineer working as a trainee in Japan in 3 years.

* Job description: Operate the hi-tech manufacturing systems in the factory; Supervise the works on site; Be trained intensively about the technology and be improved the knowledge and skills follow Japanese style. (more details will be discussed in the interview)

* Job requirement: Have knowledge about operating CNC machine and/or HVAC system (priority for experienced person); English communication is a must (basic Japanese communication is an advantage).

* Accommodation: The company will set up the accommodation and take charge of electric and water expense. The employee will serve meals and other personal expenses by themselves.

* Air fare: the Japanese company will take charge.

* Salary: be discussed in the interview.

If you are interested in this job, please feed back us to set up the appointment.

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